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ATM Placement At Amusement Parks And Water Parks

Amusement Parks and Water Parks are ideal locations for ATM placement. These types of entertainment venues have extremely high foot traffic volume inside an enclosed and restricted area, which means visitors must use the resources provided within the Park, or do without. There are many benefits to having an ATM located in your Amusement Park or Water Park, and ATMWholesaler.com can help you reap the rewards.

ATMs Can Ease Your Guests’ Financial Anxiety

Visitors in an Amusement Park or Water Park are usually in a good mood, enjoying themselves, and willing to spend money. Having easy access to ATMs throughout the Park will result in higher sale volumes on everything from food and candy to large retail purchases. When guests are able to easily access an ATM machine while within the Amusement or Water Park, they are more likely to spend their cash freely, knowing they will be able to withdraw more if needed. With cash easily at hand, guests will also be more likely to make impulse buys, which can account for a large portion of revenue.

No More Large Amounts Of Lost Cash Or Waterlogged Wallets

ATM placement in Amusement Parks or Water Parks can also help decrease the concerns many visitors have about carrying large amounts of cash. If there are ATM’s available at convenient locations throughout the Park, guests will not have to come with a large lump sum at the beginning of the day. Large amounts of lost or stolen cash not only ruin your guests’ good time, but can also cost you a fortune if reimbursement is required for legal reasons. Guests with smaller amounts of cash are less of a liability for you, and providing ATM access will also ensure they can still spend plenty of money in your Park.

ATMs Will Make Your Amusement Park Money

The best part of ATM placement in high yield locations such as Amusement Parks or Water Parks is that the ATM owner will make money from each transaction through surcharge fees. ATM users are generally willing to pay higher than usual surcharge fees when at an Amusement Park, often as much as $6-$10 per transaction, and this entire fee can go right into your pocket. This, combined with the extremely high transaction volume, means that ATM machines placed in Amusement or Water Parks can be an incredibly lucrative source of income all on their own.

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The benefits of investigating ATM placement for your Amusement or Water Park are substantial. ATMWholesaler.com can fulfill all of your ATM placement needs. We can help you choose the right type and number of machines for your Park. We can assist you in determining the best locations for your machines, and get them installed, filled, and functioning, usually within a week of your order. Our ATM experts are standing by to answer all of your questions and assist you in any way. Please contact us today for a free consultation at 734-775-7400.

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